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-2016- Slade by Eric-3
-2016- Slade
I have three main "series" of original characters/worlds that I've been using for years (the oldest going back to around 1997): Rex the Army Bear/Brute Beasts, Goden Legends, and The Reapers. Up until a little while ago, they were separate worlds.

But recently as I've been expanding/fleshing out the backgrounds and stories in my head, I've found similarities and overlap of ideas and decided to work it all out so that they're unified. They're not one story together, but they're all in one world with very sensible crossover potential that isn't forced.

This is Slade of Goden Legends, as a Reaper. When I was originally working with Goden Legends as a comic, I really didn't think things through ahead of time very well and things seem kind of messy and random looking back on it. While I have no intention of trying a comic again, I do like to still use the characters and just re-think the stories and characters in my head. Slade was one of the main characters of the series, and I have fully laid out his path now and crossed him over into a Reaper at the end of his story with very deliberate reason.

My Reapers' names come from regular names, but given dark/reaper/death-related spins. It must be destiny that the one non-Reaper-world character I ever crossed over into a Reaper already had a Reaper name.

The Reapers don't all just use scythes. I figured it would be boring if they all had the same weapon. I made it so they only need to use the blade aspect; Slade uses blade shards that he can manipulate freely with magic in a variety of ways (the magic power is part of his story...). He can combine it with magic elements, like a lightning blast...of BLADES.

I try to keep Reaper colours limited to bone and single-colour cloth, but I wanted to use two colours for Slade's cloth to retain some of the look of his original design (namely, the scarf):………

I drew the scarf in a way to kind of resemble an angel wing to go with the spirit/soul/death thing. It's just blowing in the wind's not like his scarf is stuck that way.

While not intentional, I noticed he came out looking a bit like Raziel.

I didn't plan on defining his abdominal so much since that isn't the kind of build I have for the character, but it looked too plain when I didn't have much detail there. It was really empty-looking. I tried to keep it kind of light, but it didn't turn out light enough.
-2016- Beast Mode by Eric-3
-2016- Beast Mode
This is yet another idea I've been wanting to do for years but never got to it. Really, I still have a sketch of the concept from 2009. I tried turning it into a proper picture at least once before, but it didn't work out.

This is the basic zombie I always draw from my little Reaper world from a Game Maker game I made in 2005, except being affected by the Necro Power. In the game, I called them Necro Creatures, but I noticed I later called them Necro Beasts while making them in ModNation Racers. Oops.……

So the title is going by that. That, and I felt like mentioning Beast Wars because I was playing Transformers Devastation last year and it was so good (so, the zombie is transforming in this picture. Or something). Damn, I want a Beast Wars game like that. Speaking of which, if you haven't played Transformers Devastation then WHY HAVEN'T YOU PLAYED TRANSFORMERS DEVASTATION?!

I don't feel like going into all the details and how the Necro Power and stuff works, though I do have it all explainable in my head as I always have to write how my fiction can actually work/the reasoning behind things.

I don't quite remember what my original concept back from 2009 was, but I know I was going for a gorgon-like thing for some reason. The base concept was the tainted Necro Power was reacting with the soul with unanticipated results, that being it was trying to rip the soul out forcefully and turning it into an unstable energy that was partially manifesting the psychological or negative (or positive, I guess...but these are supposed to be enemies...) imprints of the soul. Kind of Silent Hill-like, now that I think about it.

What I mean is, I don't remember why I wanted it to manifest a gorgon-like thing. Of course, with that concept, it's not like all the Necro Beasts manifest as gorgon-things. There were a few other designs I was doodling, but this came up the most. Of course, this was all after I made the actual game, so I never got the chance to fully implement/elaborate on the concept.

The ones in the game were either all zombie or all Necro. No hybrids.…

This was going to be a sketch as I've been wanting to focus less on colouring so that I had time to fit more drawing in. There are lots of things I want to work on in drawing, but I always get slowed down by colouring and I was trying to cut that step down or out.

I liked how this was turning out too much to not colour it though. Ironically, the lines on this picture turned out to be the cleanest lines I've done in a while despite the fact that it was going to be an unrefined sketch. The fact that I went into this intending it to be unrefined let me care about the result less, and thus there was less pressure to make the lines polished.

Clean lines often gave me trouble and stress before because there wasn't leeway; I wanted a single, clean, final line over the roughs I had. If I accidentally strayed and the line looked all bumpy and messed up and stuff, it would bother me and I'd have trouble correcting it. I eventually stopped and just made my final lines rougher so I didn't have to deal with it.

Still with me? OK, what I'm getting at is that I didn't care about this picture being refined, so cleaning up "bumpy and messed up and stuff" lines wouldn't be a priority if they appeared. So I wasn't afraid to try clean lines. And then they ended up turning clean. Really...clean.

I wish I had better reference for the skull, but I was working from tiny pictures because I don't have full internet access at work where I did this (during my free time). I like how it turned out, but I mean I'm pretty sure it's inaccurate in several unintended ways.
-2015- Launching a Dream into Space. And a Monkey. by Eric-3
-2015- Launching a Dream into Space. And a Monkey.
When I finished my previous picture, I was like, "Hmm...what do I do next?". I had lots of general ideas and subjects I'd like to do, but nothing very specific at the time. I don't like wasting free time (wasting here, in the way that I'd be using time thinking of something rather than doing something), so I asked a friend for any ideas or if her kids wanted to see anything.

...I got "space monkeys", "a boat made of cats", "a robber in a disco suit", and "a Mexican hippie".

Clearly, I went with the first two. Gawd, even "space monkey" and "boat made of cats" can't result in anything but a fight when I'm at the controls. EVERYTHING turns into a fight when I'm behind it.

Anything past those two probably would've been too cluttered. I tried implementing a bit of disco through the disco ball moon or planet or whatever the heck that is in the background, and a bit of hippie through the rainbow of colours. The disco ball was supposed to be reflecting lights and creating the "stars" for the space background, but I forgot about that idea when I was actually making the background. So I didn't actually quite implement it. I just intended to...

I wish I could've implemented the hippie aspect better as I saw some really cool designs while Googling for what exactly hippie would look like. I wasn't sure how to do it and keep the space look in the background too though, so I kind of gave up trying harder.

I don't know anything about monkeys, so I was just Googling for various monkey types to find one that looked cool. I found the golden snub-nosed monkey pretty quickly and instantly loved its colours and the kind of mohawk-like thing it had going on. The colours don't really show through the glass helmet thing, but it was still fun. I exaggerated the mohawk bit. The face got messed up. Something doesn't look right. Like not all parts of the face are the same perspective or something.

Years ago when I had to switch graphics programs, I would regularly whine about not being able to do the hair effects I did before because it was a different program. I'm glad I recently figured out how to do them again, but now I'm remembering how much of a pain they can be to clean up after. It's hard meshing them with the adjacent not-hair parts, like the edge between the hair and the not-hair. It's most notably crappy on the hand that's hanging onto the rocket.

I wanted to try to make the control panel thing under his chest more 3D, but I'm horrible at drawing objects and it just wasn't looking right or matching up with the rest of the area. So I gave up.

It was originally going to be a King Kong-like figure and this was the start of the idea of him climbing a tower-like object. But King Kong was an ape. I was asked for a space MONKEY. There's a difference between ape and monkey, and I ain't gonna change the request (this is an actual issue I had in my head).

So it just turned into a giant monkey instead of a King Kong thing. For the tower-like object, I was going to just use a generic space shuttle, but Final Fantasy VII keeps popping up in my head since I've been watching a playthrough for quite some time. So I made it into the Shinra Type 26. It wasn't fun drawing it since I'm no good at objects, but I am pleased with how it turned out. Specifically the rust I was going for, more than anything else.

The boat made of cats was awkward for obvious reasons. Mainly that I had no reference for "boat made of cats". If you look closely, they're holding onto each other by their legs (some may be by their tails). I kinda rushed them though, so they look pretty bad. I'm horrible at drawing animals, but here it's even more so because I didn't have it in me to put a huge amount of effort into each tiny figure several times over. Some of them look more like dogs than cats...

The rest of the boat details are just inside jokes.

My idea was for the boat to be riding on a galaxy-like thing that looks like water. I know not how to do water nor a galaxy, so take this thing. Whatever it is. Maybe I didn't know how to go about it. Maybe I was too tired by then to try harder. I dunno. I like how it looks but I just mean it doesn't look like a galaxy, even taking into account it's supposed to be a galaxy/water hybrid thing. Not just the waves though; the black-ish/purple area underneath was part of what I was trying to do. It doesn't really stand out enough against the rest of the space background.

If nothing else, it made me more comfortable with trying different brush types to get different effects and textures and stuff. Up until the previous picture, I was mostly relying on filters and maybe smudging to get "special effects". It was pretty limiting though, so I've been trying to do at least some things more manually with brushes instead. It's certainly slow trying to figure things out, but it can be fun seeing the different looks I can get.

I had fun with this picture, for the most part.
-2015- Snowfall by Eric-3
-2015- Snowfall
Oh, GAWD (I cannot stop saying this after having watched a playthrough of Final Fantasy VII recently). So many of my commentaries start with "I wanted to do this for a long time".

Anyway...I, uh, wanted to do a Calvin and Hobbes picture for a while, but wasn't quite sure of what specifically. Like regular Calvin and Hobbes, one of the alter egos, a more grown-up form as a fighting team thing (this makes more sense in my head)...

I have a little Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goon over my desk at work. I made it out of paper balls and coloured paper clips during one of my many instances of being unoccupied and letting my imagination wander. I just looked at it and evidently settled on basing the picture on that. An alternate idea I was considering was to have Calvin and Hobbes fighting an army of Snow Goons (when I say army, I mean like Dynasty Warriors-like levels of enemies). But it never got past being a basic idea; I didn't really have an actual layout in mind.

Since I always want to adapt fan art to my own style rather than copying the source material, I made the Snow Goon bigger and more threatening for the action scene I was going for. It's mostly in the sticks, which I turned into large branches.

I didn't want to mess with the faces too much though. I could've made it a lot more menacing with like icicle spikes everywhere and sharp teeth and whatever, but I felt that would've been too generic/predictable of an evil monster makeover (or exaggeration, as it's already a monster) of something. I wanted the faces to keep a bit of goofiness in them (mostly in the head on the right), like something that a little kid would imagine.

Hobbes didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I feel like the thing that held me back the most was the lack of space on the paper. I had to cram his body into that little space that was left after the Snow Goon. So his proportions are not what I intended, and his hind legs don't have that "pounce" look. I wanted to stretch them out more, but then his feet would be cut off and he would like like he's hanging off awkwardly from the side of the paper. So it doesn't look as "powerful" as I wanted.

I wasn't originally going to have his legs posed symmetrically; I was going to have one leg higher up kind of like he was making a desperate, unrefined/uncontrolled leap in the heat of battle. But I kept looking at pictures of tigers jumping and their hind legs were always symmetrical. I didn't want to take out what little tiger feel I had here.

I usually pay close attention to little details when showing an existing scene so that I keep certain aspects accurate, but the clothes Calvin and Hobbes are wearing don't match any single picture. Hobbes doesn't have his scarf for most of this story. I saw one strip where he had it (though it actually disappears after the first panel), but in that strip Calvin is not hatless. So I mean the combination I have here is not in this story, as far as I saw (Gawd, I sound like a nerd). But I really wanted to draw Calvin's hair (not covered by a hat) and Hobbes in his scarf...

I originally had the camera closer to the ground, looking upward from behind Calvin as he ran up one of the branch arms that was slammed into the ground in an attempt to smoosh Calvin. I actually don't remember why I changed it. I may have run into some problem where other things I drew like Hobbes didn't match the angle (and he still doesn't quite match, but it's at least better than before), or maybe I ran out of space to display it properly, or maybe it just wasn't looking convincing so I gave up.

If you're wondering, and you probably are, that thing near the upper-right corner is a crashed toboggan. Whether it was crashed intentionally as an awesome form of attack, or crashed accidentally as an inevitable outcome to another ride is up to you.

It was hard fighting the inclination to use warmer colours in this, as that is what I'm most used to. There were times I struggled to choose shades because it looked weird to me not using my regular colours. But they just wouldn't have fit the cold look I was going for here. I'm glad it got me to try something different from usual, but I was really not liking how the picture was looking as a result. Actually, even without the colour issue, it wasn't looking that appealing.

It wasn't until near the end that it started to come together and I was more satisfied with it.
The end is where I started putting the snow effects on and the overall blue theme across the entire image. That's when it finally looked like winter to me, instead of just weird bluish colour choices here and there on an otherwise "normal" picture.

It took me a while to find a good falling snow look since I don't do effects often, and it took me a while to find a convincing snow/frost-on-the-characters look. I'm really happy with how it came out though. I was wondering a bit if it's perhaps too much but I felt that with less, the characters look kind of out of place or pasted in or something. It didn't look as wintery as I wanted. With the snow effects, I think it looks more like they're in that environment.
-2015- SoulCalibur V Moognesium by Eric-3
-2015- SoulCalibur V Moognesium
Supervillain Moognesium that I just made while messing around in SoulCalibur V. Based on the word magnesium. It' inside joke thing.

The armor is based on the rocky, spiky, shiny look of magnesium.
There are only three parts to the udder because the game only lets you add three 3-D special objects.


Favourite photographer: Peter Parker
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: The one that plays CDs
Shell of choice: Armadillyo
Skin of choice: Superman's

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SylentEcho88 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 20, 2015
Please complete Saiya Jin Pride. It will be the coolest fan-made DBZ game ever and I'm still saying that 10 years, later. Haha. The demo itself was so much better than MUGEN what with all the environmental destruction and all.

I recently found it on an old CD of mine. I used to burn tons of Cds back in 2004 for storage. :p
Eric-3 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015
I forgot about that. I haven't worked with Game Maker in around 10 years now. Unfortunately, I don't even have the editable file even if I wanted to continue it. I'm way too busy with other things now.

Thanks though. I'm glad you enjoyed what was there. At least we have a lot of other, official DragonBall games now too though. Part of me made that because there wasn't much official stuff that existed.
SylentEcho88 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
Yup. A lot of people were making stuff because official stuff didn't exist, but your game had a charm of it's own. I liked it a hundred times better than MUGEN coz in your's, one could destroy rocks and fly all over the map. I really wish it could have been completed. Oh, well. :)
Eric-3 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015
Thanks, I appreciate it. :handshake:
Now that you bring it up, I'm kinda wondering why I didn't finish it. It's not like I never finished games (I did several small projects, and that one was perhaps less than the biggest one I finished). Maybe it had something to do with not being able to make an actual competent enemy to fight, or not knowing how to make it two players on one keyboard (and I didn't have the knowledge to know how to use anything else).
Mechaphantom Featured By Owner Edited Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist
I'm looking to hire you for a job is there an email I can use? Do you do commissions? I hired you once long a time ago under another name.
Mechaphantom Featured By Owner Edited Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist
Happy to have found you.
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Thanks for watching dude
Eric-3 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
You're welcome.
Morbidly-Obtuse Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Yoooo, you liked my Monster Party pic on the Silent Hill forum... I'm loving the your Rage picture! The perspective right on! Friggin intense! :)
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Thanks! :)
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