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-2017- Dr. Nefarious
Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet & Clank.

This is much closer to what I originally wanted, compared to my Dr. Nefarious from 2012. What I was going for was a darker, more serious, kinda scary look. I wanted him to resemble a skeleton and I didn't take the idea far enough in the first picture.

I enjoyed taking another shot at it. I was initially holding back too much because I wasn't sure how similar to his actual design I should keep it. It took me a little while before I felt confident enough to modify the design more to achieve the look I wanted. I didn't want to make a  blatantly skeletal version of him though. I was trying to make it look a little more "natural", like damage that happens to make him look like a skeleton. On the topic, that's not supposed to be blood. It's supposed to be rust and dirt.

The pose I used is basically one of Freeza's (Dragon Ball) famous poses. The two characters don't really have anything notable in common (or if they do, that's not why I did this anyway). I just liked the pose and how it says "Take your best shot", and thought it would work well. Evidently, early designs of Dr. Nefarious had him with a cape. I used that idea to complete the pose with a "tail".

I figured I may as well go with it for the background too, basing it on Namek. Since there are so many planets in Ratchet & Clank, an alien planet would be totally natural to use.

I originally had the ground extending to the edges of the picture. The idea was to have a partial sky and a full ground, like a bit of a 3D effect or a diorama where a figure is standing on a base with a flat background behind it. It didn't look too good though, so I faded the edges of the ground a bit.

Going with the Dragon Ball influence again, I decided to subtly hint at the ground tearing up. I really liked the look though, so I extended it to the whole background to try and evoke power and destruction. I felt it fit with the pose and the dirtiness of the picture.

I was a bit unsure about leaving the white of the background in. I liked the look, but I didn't know if it worked with the darkness of the rest of the picture. I did play with it a bit to see if filling in other colours would work better, but it just took away from the look. I didn't like any of them more than just leaving it white.

It was a lot of fun colouring this.
-2017- Ghost Ship
This is a quick (for me...) drawing I did on an envelope. I was asked out of nowhere to do something for someone from the marine unit, so not much thought/planning went into it.

I was originally going to do a regular boat but that was too dull and normal for me, so I did a pirate ship instead. It's vaguely marine-related, right? :p

The idea actually came to me when I just looked over to my right in my office and saw the colouring poster of a pirate ship someone gave me as a joke. Thanks!

I don't know how to draw ships, so I just hastily designed this after getting the general idea of what a ship could look like from some reference pictures. I know it's not really accurate. I had fun doing it though, once I got over the hurdle of worrying how to draw a ship and just actually started doing it.

Some of the reference pictures had a LOT of those line things going from all the pole and sail things (I have no idea what the proper terms are). I took that idea and kinda turned them into spider web-like things and broken lines since I was going for more of a "ghost" pirate ship thing.

Bonus points for anyone that recognized the Emil flag. :laughing:
-2017- Shallie 2
Shallotte Elminus from Atelier Shallie.

This is the third picture I mentioned previously in the commentary of this:…

So I was doing that first picture and I wasn't as pleased with it as I'd like, and left it for a while. But when I went home, I still wanted to draw because I felt like I hadn't accomplished anything that day.

My second attempt was even worse than my first attempt. I HAD to accomplish something though because all that wasted time would've really annoyed me if I came out with nothing.

So this picture was the third attempt and it went really well. I sometimes make comments about how inconsistent my drawing style is. I also don't quite know why it's inconsistent. Am I just drawing too infrequently that I don't get adequate practice? Am I not sure what direction I want to go in that I don't completely stick with a specific look long enough to develop consistency? I don't know.

But here's a great example with these two pictures. I DREW THEM ON THE SAME DAY! THEY'RE SO DIFFERENT THOUGH! IT'S LIKE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE DREW THEM! :ohnoes:

I drew this picture much more naturally though, while the other upload/link I felt like I was somewhat specifically trying to draw a certain way. This one, I just drew without thinking about the look. So I guess this is more my natural style.

I wonder if zooming the picture out helped too. Keeping the face smaller lets me keep the whole thing in view easier and makes it easier to work with. I didn't feel like drawing her regular clothes though (too much detail for me to copy), so I used her swimsuit design to make it easier. I missed some details though.

This went really smoothly. I drew it from scratch to completed inks within two hours. Quick for me, at least. So I'm pleased with that. I did have to make a couple of small adjustments that I didn't notice until much later though (as always...). I had to resize her left eye a bit and slightly reposition the nose.

I usually try to match the tone of the lines with the tone of the colours. That is, if my colours are dark or bold, I have my lines dark or bold. But I was trying something a little different here and left the lines kinda dark while having the colours fairly light.
-2017- Scithia
I drew this in November, but I got sidetracked by other things and then got lazy near the end of the year with Christmas/time off. Also, I usually do most of my pictures at my workplace (after I'm done my real work) but this is obviously not safe for work, so I had to do this all at home and I'm really not as productive working on pictures at home compared to at work.
So...this took me a long time to finally finish. :paranoid:

Aghh, it's a little hard trying to write commentary for something I did months ago.
I was just trying to draw more spontaneously, without planning anything or overthinking and just letting it come naturally. I was really struggling though and things weren't coming out well. So I scrapped the picture and started a different drawing (this one).

This one came out much easier, for whatever reason. I don't remember. Maybe I was still thinking too much on the first attempt. By the time I started this one, maybe I was already warmed up or ready to loosen up and draw more naturally.

...Uh...I didn't anticipate that drawing "naturally" would make something so unintentionally suggestive, but whatever. :invisible:
I was going to draw her more covered up, but the outline/base of the body came out so well that I didn't want it to get covered up by clothes. When I get something that looks good at that moment, I always have trouble adding more to it and risking ruining what I have (adding more as in adding the things I originally intended to) :hmm:.

I was originally going to try colouring this minimally, like leaving it mostly white and just colouring a few spots. I've been wanting to try that, but I never seem to follow through with it. It would've been pretty fitting here since this character has pale skin anyway. I don't remember why I didn't do it. Maybe it wasn't looking good. Instead of that, I did try making the shading blend more smoothly than usual so that it didn't look as harsh. I thought this smoother method would suit the picture better. I'm not very efficient though, so it took more time than I'd like. :|
-2012- Dr. Nefarious
Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet & Clank.

I did this in 2012 but never uploaded it (as far as I recall :confused:).
I'm mainly uploading it now because I have another Dr. Nefarious picture I'm working on, and I wanted this old one up for comparison later.

I didn't colour it back then because I wasn't particularly happy with how it turned out. I would think that's also why I never uploaded it.
Looking back on it now, I don't think it's that bad. It probably would've looked alright coloured.

I actually like some aspects of it better than the one I'm working on. That's...kinda depressing. :noes:



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