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-2015- Random by Eric-3
-2015- Random
Here's a birthday card I did for someone (there's text on the inside). I don't really know what he likes, so I drew a cyborg space hobo riding a zombie unicorn fighting a transgender pirate dinosaur. I figure he'll like at least one of those.
-2015- Leona by Eric-3
-2015- Leona
I used to use an avatar of sorts named Leotaku:
but eventually dropped the name (and the character with it) to sort of distance myself from it. Occasionally, I had some form of a female version applied to just the design aspect.

So this is just another instance of that.
The drawing (or pose, more specifically) is basic because I intended this drawing to just be something simple I could try a few things on.

I wanted to try some sort of fancy feathery design and figured elaborating on the lion mane idea would've been a neat place to do it (and yes, I realize a female lion wouldn't have a mane). The mane design on the shoulders is supposed to be part of her blue top (which is an open sort of karate gi, but you can't tell here), and that's where most of the fanciness went. But her head hair ended up covering up some of the design. I hadn't drawn this hair before, so I wasn't sure how it would go and didn't anticipate that when designing the mane part first.

I also wanted to do some sort of butterfly wing-like design with the feathery design, but I wasn't sure how to implement it so I didn't really try. The mane didn't quite turn out like I'd hoped (though I still kinda like it), and the texture didn't seem suitable to try to apply a pattern to it. Or, at least not in the way I was picturing it. Maybe when I have something more solid in texture and form, I can try messing with patterns.

I also wanted to try a softer colouring style, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I don't know if I didn't have a clear picture of the colours in my head to try and get it onto the image, or if I don't have the experience to create the look I had in my head, or if the drawing wasn't "soft" enough (it's kind of aggressive as usual) that it wasn't really suiting my purpose and didn't look good, or what. I may or may not try it again, but I have no idea what I'd draw to try it on.

So basically, this ended up as a picture like any other without anything really accomplished other than reminding me why I try to avoid drawing front views; I'm horrible at symmetry.

The colour was originally a little more vibrant, but I changed it at the end to have a dulled yellowy-orange to it. The biggest thing it took away was the fiery redness of the hair, which I kind of wish was still there, but I liked the rest.
-2015- Timeless by Eric-3
-2015- Timeless
Done for someone that really likes Tigger.
I've never drawn Tigger before, so I'm not that familiar with the "model"; I'm sure there are inaccuracies or something, even taking into account that the base is modeled off George Costanza and I intentionally left some of that in (most notably the arms). I did notice afterwards that by doing that though, he doesn't look as furry as I'd like him to.

I didn't take into account his short legs and was originally drawing it in George's proportions. I noticed during the sketching stage, so this wasn't one of those inevitable times where I noticed a major error until after I was nearly done. This was more one of those times I was too lazy to redraw that whole section, so I quarter-assed the fixing. They're probably still longer than Tigger's legs should be.

I based all the shading off George where I could. Everything else I obviously had to make up. I'm not sure I shaded those parts accurately in relation to where the lighting was from the original picture.

This was pretty fun to do overall, but I think that's partly because a lot of (not all) the pressure and self-doubt was taken off since I didn't have to make up a lot of the picture (like the shading, anatomy/proportions, etc) myself. Of course, even the stuff I didn't make up, I messed some of it up.
-2015- Malyssa by Eric-3
-2015- Malyssa
(Edited/re-uploaded; fixed some of the colouring...)
I've had this Reaper character, Malyssa, in my head for a while but I've only gotten around to drawing her now. I tried at least once before, but the picture wasn't turning out well so it was never finished and I didn't have the time or enough motivation to try to make it work.

Oh, wow. I was grabbing this link for a reference of other images of her and noticed the commentary I was going to write is very similar to what I was going to say...
Anyway, this was the previous closest thing I had to an image of her:…

And she originally came from a male design:…

I won't get into everything (and I also may be retconning my old game; I don't remember what exactly I wrote in it), but Reaper bodies are like shells manifested by the soul and holding the soul itself. They aren't "real" human bodies and don't function the same way or have the same needs (like food) or restrictions.

Malyssa was a regular Reaper like any other, but she's been around longer than the others and so has a lot more experience. She's killed a lot more than them and has slowly been getting into contact with a lot more negative soul energy than she should. It's been getting absorbed into her own soul bit by bit and influencing her with all the hate, the pain, the suffering, the malice that the negative souls held. She couldn't fight against it anymore and eventually snapped under the overwhelming negative energy.

Now she just causes pain and death for the sake of pain and death, driven by the hate and malice of the negative souls. She now intentionally absorbs souls into her own to gain more power to cause more destruction.

The cracks are her shell having a little trouble holding all this extra soul energy inside (the shell is only supposed to hold one soul). They're largely on her right arm as that is where her weapon is, so she mostly absorbs them right at the point of killing.

The skull part is a mask, not a part of her skull. I originally wanted it to be a full mouth mask, but I didn't like the idea of having her mouth covered and unable to show emotion. So I changed it to a half thing.

Her hair turned out a little darker than I intended because of the shading on top of the base colour. I think I was trying to keep all the shades working together for cohesion; I couldn't have the hair shade a lot lighter than the shades I already put down on the skin and clothes, and I also didn't want to lighten those to be able to lighten the hair since I liked them as is.
I didn't put effort into getting around it and just left the hair darker. I might have to mess with stuff like that more in the future.

I was going to have blood splatters on the weapon and on her like she's stabbing the viewer but I didn't like how it was looking. I also started questioning if it was really necessary anyway (while I don't have a problem with it, I'm not particularly a fan of bloody violence in the first place).

For someone that uses foreshortening so much, I sure am garbage at it.
-2015- Legend of the Seven Scars by Eric-3
-2015- Legend of the Seven Scars
"You are already dead."

I've had a slight interest in drawing Peach for a fair while but never really had a specific idea to put it towards. It was mostly for the hair, for some reason, though it didn't actually come out as well as I had hoped.

I recently watched a let's play of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars though and it reminded me how much I loved that game back then. I lightly worked that into an idea here, with the Chain Chomp weapon and the Parasol weapon (which I turned into a hidden sword/scabbard). I was going to make the background Bowser's Keep (I even had several reference pictures saved), but SURPRISE! I got lazy and uninterested. All that I have is the sky colour.

I mostly know what I wanted to do with the picture right away (Peach cutting the Chain Chomp), but it took me a while to work out the overall angle and the exact pose for Peach. I originally wanted Peach jump kicking, but it didn't look believable combined with the sword slash. It would've looked awkward, picturing it as a combined motion someone would actually do.

I have to try making my poses make sense motion and scene-wise and not just look cool. So I modified it into more of a leap intending to land with her body weight rather than a controlled kick.

I'm happy overall with how Bowser turned out. I don't have any major complaints or things I wish turned out better.
I wanted to make the spikes on the collars bigger, but then it wouldn't make sense because they'd be jabbing into him.
I didn't originally intend to define his torso with muscle, but...I did it.
I only now noticed that I totally forgot his tail. It could be covered at this angle, but I will say I plain overlooked that he had a tail. I haven't played a Mario game since the SNES days.

I'm not too happy with some things about Peach.
I made her torso too short. She's supposed to be hunched over a bit from swinging the sword, but that doesn't really account for the whole issue and it should still be a little longer. In a lot of official art, I see that her torso is considerably shorter than her legs so mine could sort of work in that regard. But since that wasn't my intention, I'm still going to count it as a mistake.
Not entirely happy with her hair. I don't think it really matches the angle of the rest of her (taking into account her direction and wind).
Also not sure the skirt is moving appropriately with the wind from her jumping. This is the kind of stuff that torments me to no end as I try to make it make sense.

I stupidly drew the chain at a flat perspective even though it shouldn't be and didn't notice until it was too late (sounds about right for me). Not that I know how to draw it at a different perspective anyway, but the fact that I didn't even know earlier to try bugs me.
I also don't know if the shadow it's casting on Bowser makes any sense. I almost overlooked putting that in, then struggled for too long trying to figure out how it should look. I hate dealing with shadows.

...Whoops, wrong seven scars. :p


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