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-2015- Crazy Motorcycle by Eric-3
-2015- Crazy Motorcycle
This has nothing to do with the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I started this before it was announced but I was just really slow at working on it. Though I think it also just took longer than most pictures in terms of actual work to be done because of the content.

When I do fan art, I try to present the familiar character(s) in a less common way. I first intended to have the infamous cross-dressing Cloud, but presented in a badass way (as opposed to played for humour like usual). I was going to make it battle-damaged, showing his regular clothes underneath and kinda combining the two designs together.

I was trying to think of a situation or pose next. A couple ideas were just a random battle/action pose or in Don Corneo's room about to kick his ass. I eventually decided on putting him on a motorcycle. I chose a basic side view since it would show his design the most.

But it wouldn't show all the elements of the design I originally sketched out. I guess out of trying to make up for some of my ideas not being able to be used, I wanted to add more to the design to make it more interesting. So I decided to combine elements from Yoshitaka Amano's designs too. His designs aren't consistent though, so I pulled what I wanted from several designs of his.

I carried that idea over to the motorcycle, using the form of the regular motorcycle but the patterns of the Amano motorcycle. It wasn't fun drawing the motorcycle (since I'm horrible at drawing things like that) but it was fun laying the base colours down, trying to figure out how to colour it like Amano's design since his motorcycle's form isn't a regular motorcycle.

A part of me didn't want to shade it since it obscured some of the colour. It looked closer to Amano's design when the colours were flat, but if I left it then it would've clashed with Cloud since I wouldn't have left him unshaded.

I put the sword in his right hand because he's right-handed. I didn't know why pictures kept showing him holding it in his left hand when he was on a motorcycle. Not knowing anything about motorcycles, it didn't occur to me until later that the throttle is typically on the right...
I could've flipped the picture, but it would've messed other things up. Whatever. Some motorcycles have the throttle on the left.

I think his legs are a little too short. Much of this was because I ran out of room on the paper (I guess I didn't lay it out very well initially and ended up trying to cram things in), but some of it might be because the pants are baggy too. It kind of throws off the length to width comparison, making his lower leg look more "stout" than it really would be under the pants.

I don't even know where to start with the sword. It's messed up. I don't know how to draw objects. His hand is behind there, but I don't think it would be visible at this angle. The end.

The "Meteor" trail was challenging both to match the colours as best I could and also to work out the shape and gradient since it wasn't the same context as the logo. But it was fun. I left the background white to fit with the Meteor idea...but it was also not nice having to do any background at all since I hate doing backgrounds.

I was originally going to colour this with my usual palette, but I eventually changed it to a turquoise theme to, again, work with the Meteor. In terms of the game, he wouldn't have been riding this during the day anyway (which my usual palette would've suggested, background or not), so it made more sense to colour it differently even without the Meteor. I'm not sure I'm happy with the results, but at least I tried something different.

I usually shade each different colour on a separate layer so I can adjust it if I have to without affecting the other layers. Yeah, it's very inefficient, but hey...I'm stupid that way. I'm no pro. I shaded this on one layer though. Well, two, but it's just a layer for Cloud and a layer for the motorcycle rather than each individual colour. I did that because there were just so many little colours here from Amano patterns that it would've taken me forever to do what I usually do on THIS.
Sharing this to help my brother...and animals.
Please let me know if this link doesn't work. I don't link from Facebook often.…

-2015- Random by Eric-3
-2015- Random
Here's a birthday card I did for someone (there's text on the inside). I don't really know what he likes, so I drew a cyborg space hobo riding a zombie unicorn fighting a transgender pirate dinosaur. I figure he'll like at least one of those.
-2015- Leona by Eric-3
-2015- Leona
I used to use an avatar of sorts named Leotaku:
but eventually dropped the name (and the character with it) to sort of distance myself from it. Occasionally, I had some form of a female version applied to just the design aspect.

So this is just another instance of that.
The drawing (or pose, more specifically) is basic because I intended this drawing to just be something simple I could try a few things on.

I wanted to try some sort of fancy feathery design and figured elaborating on the lion mane idea would've been a neat place to do it (and yes, I realize a female lion wouldn't have a mane). The mane design on the shoulders is supposed to be part of her blue top (which is an open sort of karate gi, but you can't tell here), and that's where most of the fanciness went. But her head hair ended up covering up some of the design. I hadn't drawn this hair before, so I wasn't sure how it would go and didn't anticipate that when designing the mane part first.

I also wanted to do some sort of butterfly wing-like design with the feathery design, but I wasn't sure how to implement it so I didn't really try. The mane didn't quite turn out like I'd hoped (though I still kinda like it), and the texture didn't seem suitable to try to apply a pattern to it. Or, at least not in the way I was picturing it. Maybe when I have something more solid in texture and form, I can try messing with patterns.

I also wanted to try a softer colouring style, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I don't know if I didn't have a clear picture of the colours in my head to try and get it onto the image, or if I don't have the experience to create the look I had in my head, or if the drawing wasn't "soft" enough (it's kind of aggressive as usual) that it wasn't really suiting my purpose and didn't look good, or what. I may or may not try it again, but I have no idea what I'd draw to try it on.

So basically, this ended up as a picture like any other without anything really accomplished other than reminding me why I try to avoid drawing front views; I'm horrible at symmetry.

The colour was originally a little more vibrant, but I changed it at the end to have a dulled yellowy-orange to it. The biggest thing it took away was the fiery redness of the hair, which I kind of wish was still there, but I liked the rest.
-2015- Timeless by Eric-3
-2015- Timeless
Done for someone that really likes Tigger.
I've never drawn Tigger before, so I'm not that familiar with the "model"; I'm sure there are inaccuracies or something, even taking into account that the base is modeled off George Costanza and I intentionally left some of that in (most notably the arms). I did notice afterwards that by doing that though, he doesn't look as furry as I'd like him to.

I didn't take into account his short legs and was originally drawing it in George's proportions. I noticed during the sketching stage, so this wasn't one of those inevitable times where I noticed a major error until after I was nearly done. This was more one of those times I was too lazy to redraw that whole section, so I quarter-assed the fixing. They're probably still longer than Tigger's legs should be.

I based all the shading off George where I could. Everything else I obviously had to make up. I'm not sure I shaded those parts accurately in relation to where the lighting was from the original picture.

This was pretty fun to do overall, but I think that's partly because a lot of (not all) the pressure and self-doubt was taken off since I didn't have to make up a lot of the picture (like the shading, anatomy/proportions, etc) myself. Of course, even the stuff I didn't make up, I messed some of it up.


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