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-2015- Mazuse by Eric-3
-2015- Mazuse
Portrait of my witch character Trina. I haven't drawn my original characters in years. I'd really like to get back into it, but I still lack the time...

This was done to try something I've been wanting to try for a long time but just never drew a picture that would be suitable for it. I wanted to try a picture that relied less on lines and more on colours to define the form. It was something I wouldn't get to since most of my drawings leaned towards aggressive and rough, which seemed to NEED the dark lines I was doing to complement them.

For a while, this picture was looking promising in the regard of getting rid of the lines and bringing out the form without them. But after a large chunk of the picture had been done, I was realizing that it was an AWFUL lot of work to get the look I was going for. Most of it was fun, but it certainly wasn't efficient. This is just a head, too; I have no idea how long it would take to do more of a body. Maybe it was a long process because it was my first time really trying it and now that I have a better idea of what to do, it would be quicker and easier.

But also, I'm not sure the style is even right for most of my subject matter. I like how this turned out, but I'm not sure it's right for the kind of work I'd normally do. I'd hate to go through all the trouble of using the look when it's not even the ideal style for me. I don't aim for photorealism in my style, but there's a certain level of realism I'd want to be in there. It was very frustrating trying to learn it here though. I did learn stuff (which I probably forgot before I even finished this) about lighting and anatomy and why stuff looks the way it does in some photos I was looking at, but it was not fun. I obsessed over so much because I want to do my best but I also just don't understand some things no matter how much I look at them.

There's a level of realism I want to apply, but it's also making the picture less fun to do because I get more frustrated than usual when I'm trying to apply something I don't understand very well. Even after all my effort, something isn't right. Maybe (partly) because I didn't use an actual reference for the face, so it doesn't look like a real person even though I was less cartoony than usual. But I know that's not the only reason, and trying to figure out what else I'm missing is what's annoying me.

Maybe another thing is it's too restrained because I was trying to keep so strictly to "rules" of a certain level of realism that I made it too stiff, too clean, and actually unnatural.

I don't know what's wrong. I might try some more with this, but I'm not sure.
Regardless, I did learn some things here. I learned a multi-colour shading look that I wanted to do for a long time, though I really need to find a more efficient way to do it now. Or maybe that was what I was already doing...
I finally learned a way to colour hair in GIMP that I'm happy with. I always grumbled over that when I lost Photoshop years and years ago. Again though, I hope to apply it more efficiently next time.
And I did learn a bit more about facial anatomy, but like I said...I probably forgot most of what I learned before I even finished. Maybe I was just taking too much in at once, or maybe I simply need more experience so it sticks in my head more.
-2015- Disrupt the Way by Eric-3
-2015- Disrupt the Way
Do these characters really need an introduction?
Well, I'm doing it anyway: Crash vs Spyro.

Once I had laid out these poses, my intention was to draw Crash doing his spin like a kick and creating a dusty tornado and Spyro was doing a desperate dodge out of the way, sort of grinding into the ground (you can't really tell, but relative to our view, Crash's leg is going from right to left; his kick has already passed).

But as usual, my lack of both skill and interest in doing backgrounds ultimately made me too lazy to go along with that idea. Now they're both apparently just in the sky. I still tried doing a dust trail or some sort of spin effect on Crash, but it wasn't working out so I just gave up.

It took a while to get the spin-like kick pose, but I'm happy with how Crash turned out in the end.
Spyro though, I've messed my foreshortening up AGAIN. It's hard for me to tell what I did wrong, but it just doesn't look right. It's something with one of the two front legs. If I cover one up and look at the other, I THINK it looks OK in combination with the rest of him. Yet when I look at the whole body, something looks wrong. It's really bothering me.

I'm also not entirely happy with how his anatomy turned out in general since I don't have a clue how to draw four-legged animals. I'm sure his limbs look much more humanoid than they should. The pose and angle doesn't really help either since I had to pose and angle stuff I don't even know how to draw in a regular pose and basic angle.

I seem to have trouble (or am just insanely picky) lining up the eyesights of interacting characters; I don't know if Crash really looks like he's looking at Spyro.

I'm interested in using bolder and more varied colours to provide shade and lighting. There are some colour combinations and saturation levels I used here that I don't normally use, but I didn't go far enough to really learn much or achieve what I really wanted. It's still some progress though.

I'm also interested in trying to leave the line art less defined and having forms show through more from the colouring alone. I tried it a bit here, but I didn't go further because I felt like the rough, aggressive nature of the image didn't suit the softer look that came from lightening up on the lines.

My colours may have gotten a little screwed up though since I coloured this at work and the monitor there is darker than the one I have at home. I forgot to account for this before starting to colour, and now I don't know if I adjusted it in reverse properly (accounting for my lighter monitor rather than the other darker monitor).

The picture is signed 2014 because that's when I drew it, but I didn't finish until today. Yes, I'm that slow.
-2014- Bitch Slap by Eric-3
-2014- Bitch Slap
Here's a picture I did at work. The idea for a superhero named Bitch Slap was my work partner's idea after an incident resulting in a swollen hand.
I designed it partly around the hand theme but also around running jokes we have.

She has a giant hand, of course. Her jacket is also designed as a hand. The inside lining is supposed to be like fingerprints and lines. The outside of the jack, on the thumb, is supposed to be a stylized skeleton-like/hand design.

The "main" costume (including her lipstick and hair colour) is all designed around these shoes (… ). If you could see the shoe from all angles and looked closely, you could pick out where I got everything from.

It was a lot of fun designing this.
I ran out of room on the paper while drawing this, so I had to extend the picture a bit by drawing with the mouse and trying to blend it in with the pencils. The bottom of the feet and the top of the hair (roughly from the top of the spiky pigtail things upwards) are mouse-drawn.
-2014- The Dark Hand Destroys All by Eric-3
-2014- The Dark Hand Destroys All
One of my favourite scenes in NIER.
I've had the idea for this for a long time, but I've only recently gotten around to actually doing it. Unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out how I pictured it in my head all this time or laid it out as a tiny rough sketch.

It was supposed to be longer horizontally, with Jack of Hearts and Nier more centered "as one" rather than Jack being cut off and Nier somewhat centered by himself. Nier was also supposed to be higher off the bottom of the image to more clearly show that he's actually leaping in the air and looking down towards the ground ('cause I'm sure it's hard to tell here).

I tried laying out my original intentions numerous times, but I always ran out of space on the paper trying to cram everything I wanted to in and in a decent scale so that Nier wasn't tiny. It was very frustrating that I eventually just gave up and had to settle for some adjustments that resulted in this. This is already made up of three 8.5 x 14 sheets of paper pieced together, and it was very awkward doing that.

I'm quite disappointed that the framing of the picture is so off compared to what I wanted to do.

I could've helped the "looking down towards the ground" aspect a bit by drawing ground scenery to show that it's not the sky in the back, but I'm horrible at drawing scenery and objects in general; I'm sure trying to draw anything at a downward angle would've resulted in disaster so I didn't even bother trying.

I'm not entirely happy with how Nier turned out. I feel like I foreshortened his lower half too much in comparison to his pretty normal upper half. It looks unbalanced. I also did a horrible job with the back of his hair 'cause I didn't quite get what the heck it should even look like.

I had a lot of trouble drawing Jack's head, partially because he got cut off and it's awkward trying to imagine what isn't fitting on the page and draw from it so that what is fitting on the page actually looks right (not sure I explained that well enough...). The tentacle things didn't turn out how I wanted them to, partly because of the space issues. And I just noticed that there should probably be one or two more of the bigger tentacle things visible here behind his head. I don't know how I overlooked that.

I originally meant to draw Nier's head looking more towards Jack, but I didn't like the idea of his face not being visible. Though by making it visible at this angle, it kinda looks like he's not looking at Jack at all. I could say he's just in mid-turn of his head (as his body is in mid-turn) but it still looks off.

Aside from all that...I guess I'm OK with how the rest of the picture turned out.
It gave me a lot of trouble, but it was pretty fun overall drawing Nier's costume. The black things around the Dark Hand took a while, but they were fun too. And I wasn't sure how I was going to go about it at first, but once I got into it and finished it all, the yellow patterns on Jack were really fun and I'm happy with how it turned out (even though I'm pretty sure there's inaccuracy compared to the game).

The colours and tone I used are different from what I usually use, but I wanted to try to keep closer to what the game looked like. So I didn't go too crazy with the colours of the shading (the red of the Dark Hand is all vibrant red for example; I'd normally have it more desaturated and shaded with a dull purplish colour). I made everything else colder and tried to apply a light foggy effect like in the game at this part.

I was considering doing a fully-charged Dark Hand of five fists, but there's no way I would've fit that on here.
-2014- Catasstrophe by Eric-3
-2014- Catasstrophe
(Please click full-size or download; the scaled down image is blurry and stuff...)
This picture is made around an inside joke. If you're curious about any of the nonsense, just ask.

The characters were mostly fun to draw in this.

The guy was made from scratch.

The dog is mostly from reference since I know nothing about drawing animals. Same with the cat, though it's less based on reference than the dog.

The minotaur was drawn on paper first then scanned. I was going to just make it rough to lay out the general shape/pose but then I figured I may as well just draw it completely, take those lines and clean them up a bit, then use it as the actual sprite. So I felt like I cheated as far as making a sprite goes, but since I had so many elements to make in this picture and it was intended as a joke, I really just wanted to get things done without taking a huge amount of time (well, it already took a huge amount of time, but anyway...).

The cow person was drawn from reference. Two separate references, of course. I generally avoid using direct reference and I could've drawn the body myself, but the character was added into the concept at the last minute and I didn't want to set myself back a huge amount of time by having to draw another full character from scratch and figuring out the pose and such.

The furniture and objects were actually kinda fun too. I don't have experience drawing it so I used some reference. Some of it is pretty directly referenced, others are referenced from multiple things and mashed together, and some of it is just made up after getting an idea from a reference.

I did not have fun drawing the room though.

The few shadows under some of the objects and characters were not fun either since I have no idea how to do shadows properly (I'm sure they're really off) but tossed them in since it might look like they were floating without them.

About the HUD:
-The paw's pads represent health. 4 hits only.
-The paw's palm is some kinda super meter, I guess.
-The 4 circles are a quick weapon/ammo-select tied to a d-pad. I did not mean for these to look like anuses, but it actually makes perfect sense.
-The numbers are the current weapon's ammo.
-The bottom meter is boss health. I did it pretty lazily, but had fun drawing the skull.

Random notes:
-The room (not the furniture in it) is loosely drawn after the entrance hall of the Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil, with changes made where I needed them or where I was too lazy to finish it. I needed a mansion hall and I have no experience drawing rooms/architecture/etc. Clearly.
-The guy is wearing "The Puffy Shirt".
-The drawer was loosely drawn after Grimoire Weiss (but the design didn't come through as much as I intended) and the yellow things on top of it were loosely made after the design theme of Shades, both from NIER. No real reason; I just needed something to go off while drawing furniture and objects.
-The down quick-select weapon is the Spread Shot from Contra. I was going to do a regular shotgun, but I'd been watching some Contra gameplay recently...
-The ammo font is Calvin & Hobbes.


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